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With the new bank limit on naira to dollar conversions online shopping can be stressful but worry no more I have put together 3 apps that will let you pay in dollars and get rid of this pesky limit. Before we get into the list of apps, there are a couple of things you should know.


  • These apps only provide you with virtual Cards
  • They’re all prepaid cards so they may not work on all platforms
  • You may have to pay monthly fees
  • Their rates are a bit expensive


  • They’re very convenient
  • They’re easy to set up
  • Cards are Cheaper to purchase



  1. Chipper Cash APP

make dollar parments

Chipper Cash App Is a really great online banking app. It was founded in 2014 and it basically supports online banking transactions mostly sending and receiving of money between Ghana, Uganda, Nigeria, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Africa, and Kenya. Aside from this it can do a couple of cool things like do crypto trading, recharge your phone, Pay in Dollars and pay for bills. Aside from crypto trading every other transaction is free of charge.


Chipper Cash App cash Features?

Virtual Cards (naira and dollar card)

A cool feature of Chipper Cash App is that you can get Virtual Visa cards. You can get a dollar card that you can fund with your Chipper Cash App balance without stress and pay for things online with ease.

Depending on your country you also get your currency virtual card which you can fund with your Chipper Cash App wallet. If you do a lot of online shopping, you should consider getting the app even if it’s just for this feature.

It has no maintenance fees unlike most banks but the dollar card has some sort of fees. Despite the fees I still think it’s great mostly because the limit is great.


How to Get a chipper dollar card

  1. Download the chipper cash app
  2. Sign up
  3. Verify your account
  4. Claim your card. Its that easy!

How to fund your account

  1. Click on the card icon at the bottom
  2. Select the USD CARD option
  3. Click on the Top up button
  4. Add the required amount



how to make dollar payments in nigeria

EVERSEND APP: What is it?

With optimum simplicity and safety, customers may send money across borders with Eversend, a straightforward online banking app. Send money to your loved ones in Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, Rwanda, the UK, and Europe, whether you’re outside or inside Africa. We provide fair and transparent money conversion rates between USD, EUR, ZAR, GBP, NGN, UGX, GHS, KES, and RWF through our multi-currency wallets and currency exchange. Use online banking to pay your bills, or transfer funds to a bank or mobile money account. Eversend is an online bank that can handle all of your needs, including virtual card services, currency exchange, and money transfers.

Unlike traditional banks, they do not charge hidden costs, have awkward operation hours, or provide inflexible support. Instead, Eversend online banking provides quick money transfers to mobile money and bank accounts. Every transfer between Eversend online bank accounts is free of charge. All of your internet banking can be done at any time and from any location.

Eversend’s best features:

– Transfer funds to and from Africa – Send funds to Europe and the UK

– Great prices on currency exchange

– Multicurrency wallet

– Send money to bank and mobile money accounts

– Free money transfers within Eversend accounts

– Easy online banking for hassle-free bill payment

– Use a virtual card for USD payments

Enjoy cross-border transfers, virtual card access, multi-currency wallets, mobile money, and bill payments—all from your Eversend online bank account—by opening a free account in less than three minutes!

Currency exchange:

With only a press of a button, exchange and send money at the best rates available. Eversend is your one-stop app for borderless money and one of the largest currency exchange platforms in Africa.


Debit card virtual:

Make a virtual card in US dollars. African banks impose concealed foreign exchange fees of up to 15% on internet payments made using bank cards denominated in local currency. By using your USD virtual card for online banking at Eversend, you can save up to 13% on costs.

Send money:
Money can be sent or received in local currency in Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and Europe, both from outside and within Africa. A quick, simple, and inexpensive way to send money overseas. Compared to your typical bank, we are ten times quicker and less expensive.

Exceptional security
With us, your money is secure. Physical security verifies privacy, and we employ secure servers. Our app and website are encrypted with 256 bits of SSL. You are always aware of every financial transaction made in your account thanks to instant transaction alerts. You may avoid unwanted access to your Eversend online bank account by using multifactor authentication.

How to create a dollar card on Eversend

  1. Download the Eversend app
  2. Sign up
  3. Verify your account
  4. Pay 1 dollar and claim your card. It’s that easy!

How to fund your Eversend account

  • Fund your Eversend naira account
  • Convert your naira into dollar
  • Fund your card with your Dollar Account


  1. GREY


With just one app, you can transfer, receive, trade, and manage several currencies. Open a free international bank account from your phone in the US, UK, or EU.

✅ Instant

✅ No monthly fees

✅ Multilingual Support


Top Features of GREY

– Easily receive your international payments.

– Get the best exchange rates on global currencies.

– Transfer money to loved ones and clients in more than 80 countries.

– Use an instantaneous virtual dollar card to make overseas payments.

– With only one tap, create expert invoices and send them to your clients.


No Boundaries for Your Money

Open a global bank account with us to enjoy hassle-free international banking.

We’ve got you covered in a variety of currencies, whether it’s for paying your tuition, getting paid for side work, or getting paid on schedule.


Global Money Transfer

Send money to loved ones, business partners, and independent contractors worldwide with Grey. They will receive your money safely and quickly when you transfer it to them using Grey. Plus, customers receive even more because of our affordable prices.


Easy Foreign Exchange in Seconds

When you exchange with Grey, you’ll get the best market prices. View our current pricing by visiting the rates page. Instantaneously obtain your conversions by withdrawing them into your local bank account.


Bill Payments, Simplified

Paying your bills has never been easier thanks to the Grey app. Make sure all bills are paid on time, including those for unforeseen costs and necessities like utilities. Take pleasure in the tranquility that comes from knowing that all of your payments are simple, safe, and only a tap away.


Gift Cards

With only a few taps, purchase and mail gift cards to your loved ones from international retailers.


Do you want to add something special? Grey allows you to write a personalized message that we will deliver directly to your loved ones after you touch “send.”


Professional Invoices for Your Global Clients

Create and send expert bills with only one swipe to guarantee prompt and easy transactions for your international clientele. Your overseas payments become simple and quick when you have us on your side, freeing you up to concentrate on your strengths.


Around-the-Clock Support

Get real-time push notifications about your transactions to stay informed. Do you require help? Use our in-app chat feature to get in touch with us, or send an email to []( They have a committed customer service team that is available to help you at all times.


Protected and Regulated

Grey is governed by FINTrac and FinCEN.  so, your money is always secure.

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